Heritage Preservation Trust is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization driven by a passion for conservation and built on the extensive experience of its founding partners. Successful conservation requires open arms and an openness to new ideas. Our commitment to innovation in the conservation community is the same approach we have taken throughout our professional careers. 

George Thornton - Chairman & Founder

George Thornton has enjoyed an extensive career in agri-business and conservation. He has successfully led companies in both industries, including serving as the Chief Executive Officer for the National Wild Turkey Federation, one of the country's largest conservation and hunting heritage organizations. George is passionate about conservation, sustainable forestry and responsible agriculture. As a grandfather, he is also committed to ensuring future generations have the opportunity to enjoy this country's great treasures. 

Doug Saunders - Chief Executive Officer

Doug Saunders has spent fifteen years in the conservation industry, working at both Ducks Unlimited, Inc. and the National Wild Turkey Federation. Prior to joining Heritage Preservation Trust, Doug served the NWTF as its Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, where he helped the organization grow its membership, develop new and enhanced revenue streams and build brand equity in the outdoor community. Doug is passionate about strategic partnerships and leveraging those partnerships to help address the funding shortfalls that face conservation today. As a father of two young boys, he also shares George's passion for future generations and their ability to spend quality time outdoors.