Bringing Valuable Perspective

Heritage Preservation Trust uses conservation easements to preserve some of America's most valuable remaining wildlife habitat, sustainable agricultural lands and forestry resources. Our country's hunting heritage is a critical cultural element that deserves preserving, and that's part of the passion behind Heritage Preservation Trust. Here, you will find conservation successfully executed through sound business perspective. 

Our Mission

Heritage Preservation Trust preserves and protects America's natural and historical resources for the benefit of present and future generations. 

Our Vision

Our country's accomplishments to-date have been shaped by its heritage - including a love of and respect for the outdoors and the wildlife that depends on it. We work for future generations who deserve to share in the role those resources have played along the way.

“Effective conservation is critical to the future of our nation. Our responsibility is to steward and pass our natural resources intact to our children and grandchildren.”
— George Thornton, Founder, Heritage Preservation Trust